In "Paradise Island" a couple win a contest where the prize is an exotic island. But strange and unexpected things start to occur that baffle the new owners. Soon they find some of these things can be taken advantage of, but some of them might drive them away…

"The Night Watchman" starts out where my life has brought me until the character in this book gets his driver's license.  Throughout the book I lightly point out the difficulties he has had and seen with people who have had such trauma.  He has had first-hand experiences, so he can describe them in the first person.

He wrote "Changing the Little Things" by taking life experiences and found that he could have changed them.  In hind sight we see the truths of ourselves and our life's relationships.  These relationships with Friends, Family, and Coworkers could have gone in many ways if we knew what we know today.  This book shows you how to look for the little things to change that may cause great change.
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J.L. Manning authored "Changing the Little Things" in 2010  He has self-published three books through that have not been getting the attention that they deserve.  The first book that he published was about Mars in the not too distant future. "The New Mars" is about vacationing on Mars. He wrote two more books that are connected to the first book about Mars, but they are not sequels.

The first book was published Dec. 14, 2006 by a pay to publisher, as were all six of these books.  Now that he has some experience, in writing good books, he is looking for a mainstream publisher to get these and future books the attention they deserve.  He did self-publish "The Night Watchman" with Publish America. He republished "Paradise Island" with Tate Publishing.  "Changing the Little Things" is his most recently published book. by Trafford Publishing.  He has many ideas for new books that he is hoping will sell.
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